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Carl, preparing for retreat in Chandigahr, India
April, 2004

Carl and friends in Bangalore, India
Kriya Yoga Retreat, April, 2004


Carl, hiking the hills of Sedona, Arizona
December, 2002

Carl Schmidt

        Originally, I had no intention of discussing my personal life.  In the larger view, it is not really a significant issue.  But many have requested to know more about me.
        Most of us have had experiences in this electronic medium where we have been deceived in some peculiar way, because of the anonymous nature of the internet.  This environment is an instantaneous and sometimes whimsical medium of communication.  We can manifest any desire as an image or written word, make any claim, and create any perception we choose, in an attempt to satisfy our own apparent needs.  We are largely unaccountable here.  If the kitchen gets too hot, we can create a new one, or simply disappear from view.
        So a short, personal introduction is perhaps worthwhile...

* * *

        Very briefly...  I was raised in a family of seven sons.  I studied mathematics, physics and philosophy in university and attended graduate school at Brown University for one year studying mathematics.
        I entered the Peace Corps in 1968 and taught in a college in the Philippines.  I then moved to Japan in 1970, where I studied Zen Buddhism, began a practice of meditation and became drawn by a quest for deeper understanding and illumination.  This quest took me to India for a short time and I was initiated into a Path of Yoga... meditation upon the inner Light and Sound.
        After seven years in Asia, I returned to the United States in 1975 and continued this quest through music and meditation in a variety of ways.
        Then, in 1978, I had a transcendent experience that reoriented this quest.  This was not my first such awakening to the real world, but it was the most significant for me.  It cemented my attention upon the life of Spirit.
        I have described this experience in the book, A Recipe for Bliss, and I will share some of this description with you here:

* * *

  For a short time in 1978, I was living in Santa Monica, California with my wife, Holly.  On occasion we would attend a spiritual group session, where we could spend an interesting evening with friends.
        During one such meeting, a strange feeling began to overtake me.  It seemed as if the sides of my world were closing in.  Gradually a force began to stir within, disorienting my "normal" way of perceiving and experiencing.  It felt as though some tremendous implosion was about to happen.  The force generated an electrical flow through my limbs and into my spine.  It became quite intense.  Silently I prayed that the meeting would end, so that I could get outside without causing a disturbance.
        As though an answer to my prayer, the meeting quickly came to a halt.  With Holly’s help, I struggled to get outside into our van and lay down in the back.  Holly drove away and stopped at a park where we often would spend the night.
        My physical condition then intensified.  The energy that was bottled up was seeking a path to exit.  However, this energy appeared to be my self, trying to escape from my own physical prison, rather than something foreign that I might expel.  In fact, I had the distinct feeling that I was about to die.  There seemed no way that I could remain within my body much longer.  A great conscious force was building inside, trying to flow through these limbs and spine, aimed straight toward the top of my head.  This force was either my individual identity, itself, or it contained it as part of some larger, more powerful entity.
        For a few minutes I "held on," but the pressure would not subside.  Finally I allowed myself to let go completely.  The force, issuing a very loud sound, suddenly raced through this body, drawing me upward and out the top of my head.  As I was exiting, my inner voice called out to the one person in whom I had the greatest trust in that moment… "Jesus!"
        Instantly I was somewhere far outside of my body, standing before two radiant and peaceful individuals.  One was Jesus and the other was Paramhansa Yogananda.  They stood side by side.  Yogananda looked exactly as he did in his last days on this earth.  In a calm, yet insistent way, they both looked directly into me.  Not a word was spoken.  No question came for me to ask.  In fact, not a single thought entered my mind.  I was simply There, overwhelmed by ecstasy.  I deeply appreciated the sanctuary.  Their omniscience was obvious to me.
        A short time later, I gently slipped back down into this body, and I was on earth once more.  An afterglow radiated in me.  Never before had I felt so peaceful.  This blissful feeling was exquisite.  Every cell in my body danced.  I seemed to be floating within my body.  In that moment I realized how utterly safe we all are, despite the anxieties of our conscious mind, trapped in this temporary physical frame.  From this new reference point, the "things" of this world lose their grip.  Maya may seem compelling and unrelenting… but it is nothing but evanescent form.  The degree of our own incarceration is self-caused through our attitudes, thoughts and tendencies as they coalesce in all three bodies.  But there is no reality in these limiting formations of experience.  We are consciousness itself… Unborn and Unlimited.
        In all, my out of body experience lasted no more than a few timeless moments, perhaps twenty seconds at the most.  Yet it remains utterly vivid to this day… and far more significant for me than any physical experience I have had.  It left me with a completely new appreciation for this life experience… and one piece of invaluable information:  Our Elder Brothers are watching us, ready to assist us in moments of dire need.  Certainly they could materialize at any moment… or, more appropriately, dematerialize us at any moment… and tell us directly what we should or should not do.  But generally, they allow us to find our own way.  Why?  Because… Life is a journey of Self discovery.

* * *

      I am in no way special because of this experience.  I have not changed in any way... for my being remains the one and only Being that we are.  Knowing this, however, changes the life experience.  The blessed is available everywhere and at all times.

* * *

        When writing, my approach is to enter a state of resonance, in tune with the cosmic sound, Om.  The "ideas" that emerge from this condition form a path from the edge of consciousness where thoughts take shape... leading back to the center where Om radiates.

Graphically, it looks like this:


        The outer golden ring is the edge of experience, where these thoughts take conscious shape in the mind.  The star radiates within the medulla oblongata.  Inner vision is a projected condition of being that appears within the Cosmic Eye (between the eyebrows).  This is the viewing screen.
        "Normal" sight and inner vision are both projections.Normal sight is a projection of the physical appearance into mind.  Inner vision is the projection of the Being into the eternal domain of Spirit manifesting.  Thus we experience:

        Cosmic Vibration, Cosmic Sound and Cosmic Light are all receptions of the same essence upon spiritual screens of varying frequencies.
        The yogi or devotee, through deep practice... and especially through the practice of Kriya Yoga... eliminates both resistance and expectation, and is thereby drawn naturally into the center of Being.  Therein all movement ceases and the whole Being is known through direct experiencing.
        Dear Reader, find this path and merge with Spirit.  Your anguish shall dissolve like the ocean's mist, evaporating in the light of a new day.



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