The primary conspiracy, swirling about us, is the unconscious self view, projected by the ego, asserting that "others" are preventing us from knowing the truth, and thus control our destiny.
         The ego, itself, is desperate to remain in control.  There is no more devious way to do this than to blame some mysterious "other" for our own travail.
         Notice how this "works":
         There is a collective enemy.  Of course… that enemy has tremendous power and, almost surely, they are secretive about their activity and purposes.  "They" are dark.  "They" are in control.  "They" shall maintain their power by concealing the truth about spaceships, mystical science, money, reality, … whatever!
... NOW ...
         This projected world view impacts our consciousness in two significant ways: 1) It supports the idea that the "rest of us" are victims and 2) it keeps the individual’s focus riveted upon the physical "reality."
         It projects a dark form of poetic injustice for an essential purpose… to keep the Conscious Attention in a temporal and spatial framework.
         The essential, singular conspirator is the ego, desperately clinging to a false view of its Self.
         This is not to say that there are no groups of people who, consciously or unconsciously, mingle together… even join or collect… to preserve some form of temporal control.  Sure there are!
         In the US we have the NRA, the AMA, the FBI, the CIA . . .
         (I have to restrain myself here.  There are many others organizations that I could mention.   Some might even raise the hackles on the back of your own neck... like _ _ _, _ _ _, _ _, and more.   Should I list them all, most assuredly you would surf off into some other region of the world wide web… convinced that "I" am part of the "problem."  But stay with me a while longer.)
         These groups do gather together and, to some degree, exploit their power for an incomplete, often misguided, sometimes altruistic view of how we all should proceed in life.  But their significance pales in the "anti-light" of the essential conspirator.
         Within us, dear reader, is the unreal source of our separation.  Our imagination is running wild within a self-confining world view.  We are leading lives of "quiet desperation" for no good reason at all… We simply won’t let go of an idea!
         The humorous line out of the comic strip Pogo reveals our essential dilemma, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."  This should make all of us smile.  This should make all of us laugh.  We should laugh our Self right into ECSTASY.
         Kriya Yoga is an extraordinary vehicle that can carry you beyond your self-confinement.  I have no secrets.  In fact, there are no secrets.  If you are prepared to hear the whole story, it will not and can not be kept from you!
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