Kriya  Yoga



A Kriya Yoga class via the internet is now available through
The hOMe Foundation
The class is free of charge.

    To participate in this class, I recommend that you go to Sacred Heart Pranayam.  This is one chapter of the book:  A Recipe for Bliss, Kriya Yoga for a New Millennium.  This chapter will describe the first Kriya Yoga technique that I teach.  Then, if you feel so inspired, you may request to join our free online Kriya Yoga class.

          Understanding ourselves is like a journey upon a highway with many lanes.  There is the lane of prayer and devotion.  In the East this is commonly called Bhakti Yoga.  There is the lane of bodily purification called Hatha Yoga.  There is the lane of knowledge called Jnana Yoga.  There is the lane of balanced action called Karma Yoga.
          There is yet another lane of rare quality on the highway, which leads with great precision to our unborn, original Being.  Let's call it a "diamond" lane of exquisitely refined, inner action.  This lane is known as:
Kriya Yoga

You are free to join us on this path!



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To read a discussion of Kriya Yoga as well as a description of the first Kriya technique,
please click on:
The Sacred Heart Pranayam