• The Acupuncture/TCM Detox & S.U.F.I. Center of B.C. - Site of Ricardo Serrano, acupuncturist, herbalist, pranic healer, counsellor & Melchizedek Method Facilitator.
  • The Halls of Reiki - Site containing extensive information on Reiki, as well as hundreds of links to other Reiki, Alternative Therapy, Metaphysical, Spiritual and New Age sites. There is also a Book Store, Hall of Music and a Healing Chamber.
  • Sea Silver, Etc. - Seasilver is designed to balance your body chemistry, cleanse your vital organs, purify your blood, oxygenate your body's cells, protect your tissues and cells against toxins and strengthen your immune system.
  • Genetic Paternity Testing Professionals - Genetic Paternity Testing Professionals provides home paternity test kits or low cost legal results for use in court.
  • HGH human growth hormone research and IGF-1 information - Objective HGH human growth hormone research, clinical studies, advice on HGH and IGF-1 therapy and supplements, products compared.
  • - An interactive web site, based on Health & Fitness having lot of material and programs for individual institutions & corporates.
  • The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique - A comprehensive guide to this century-old method of learning how to release harmful tension from your body
  • Reiki With Trust LLC - Reiki Distance Energy Healing - Reiki distance healing is remote energy healing. Reiki energy can be directed to help special events, test anxiety, stress, depression, health issues and so much more.
  • - Highest Quality Health Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, herbal formulations, a huge selection of Weight loss/diuretics, thermogenics with and without Ephedra, a full line of Athletic supplements, Men's and Women's health products.
  • Asunam - The site of the Reiki certifyer, Asunam, who employs Reiki, subtle energy work and color and sound therapy.
  • Body, Mind & Soul Healer - Site of Rita Louise, who works with the "whole person", to resore harmony and order to all levels of human functioning.
  • Claudia, Psychic Healer - A site describing how dis-ease begins in the emotions.  If you heal the emotion, then healing begins on a cellular level.
  • Health Secrets - This site provides information and products for wholistic skin care, as well as insights and therapies for good health.
  • Reiki and Spiritual Healing Courses Online -  Courses teach echniques for stress reduction & relaxation that enhance the mind and body’s natural ability to heal itself.
  • Mind-Body-Chalice Integration - Christopher Pringer's site is dedicated to the more in-depth aspects of Integrative Bodywork.
  • Hyperhidrosis Cure for excessive sweating and facial blushing - Hyperhidrosis, a treatment for the cure for people who suffer from excessive sweating of the hand, face,underarm, facial blushing, hand sweating, excessive perspiration.
  • GCR - Pioneering Research on Reversing Autoimmune Disorders through Detoxification and Nutrition while Leading the World in Rhea Research and Innovation.
  • On Wings Of Love - A site of traditional and not traditional Usui system of natural healing, Seichim, Sekhem, and several other modalities of hands on natural healing.
  • Beyond The Rainbow - Resources for well-being, including numerous articles on alternative healing and spirituality, flower essences, and the chakras.
  • Ayurvedic Rasayanas International - Balance your health in a natural way according to a 5,000 year old perfected health care system. India's Vedic Medical System called "Ayurveda".

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