Planetary Vision

  • The Oracle of Delphi - A metaphysical tour of our solar system.  Out of Chaos, came Light...and out of Life, comes the Will.
  • The 4 Governments - paradigms, pragmatic awareness, and opportunities; what's behind the smoke & mirrors; psycho-political comentary for the disillusioned.
  • Sacharuna - Miguel Kavlin is a guide for shamanic journeys into sacred sites in South America.  He is also available for workshops, lectures, conferences and special journeys upon request.
  • Meshu Peshu Productions - Our goal is to motivate people through truth, to protect our Mother, the Earth, and all her children, by recalling the gift of spiritual vision.
  • The Celestopia Project - The Celestopea Project is dedicated to creating ecologically balanced, floating ocean cities and terra-formed islands, grown from the mineral-rich waters of the tropical oceans.
  • One World Flag - The One World Flag is intended to be flown above the flags of all nations "...because we have more in common as a world, than we have differences between nations."
  • Human Cafe - An international exchange of ideas on how to make a better world for the new Millennium, written by the people of planet Earth.
  • DaKara Kees Company - A site loaded with wholistic health products and spiritual and planetary information.
  • Cersan Web - Because We Were, We Are And always Will Be, Eternity for Ever.  What ever We do will be carried until we learn to do it the way should be.
  • Earth Star - The site features The Star Beacon, a diverse monthly paranormal newsletter, plus a metaphysical book gallery, a Galaxy Wide Friendship Club and UFO color photos.

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