Poetry & Artwork

  • Lifeshaper - Lifeshapers are captivating images artistically blended with spiritual, philosophical, and practical quotes of wisdom to create unique pieces of inspirational art.
  • Living On Love - Poetry and writings on love.  A theme that runs through these pages is: Take what you like and leave the rest for someone that might love it.
  • The Center for Inner Focus - A site for creative expression through art and photographic image-making provide experiences for personal and spiritual growth.
  • Wind Dancer - Poems... Around a corner I did peer, seeking - ever seeking.  In whispers did I hear a yearning... a quiet song singing.  It is the whisper of my soul - feeling the wonderous glow.
  • Yantra Images - Beautiful yantras available to be purchased, or just a lot of fun to watch, absorb and enjoy.
  • Magic Design - A sight of Angles.  The purpose and reason for this web site is to enlighten and inspire... to feel the beauty and warmth that vibrates from these beings of light.
  • Millenial Swan Song - Poems, close encounters of the 7th Heaven kind, and a mythical reality chat room.
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