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  • - Free directory of websites who swap links with other websites.
  • Inspiration Line - A weekly e-mail magazine for people seeking encouragement and fresh perspectives. Our intent is to inspire through motivational stories, poems and uplifting quotes, while lighthearted humor, historic wonders, interesting news and more.
  • Blufalcon - A site dedicated to enhancing the lives of those who wish to become better acquainted with the Windows operating system environment... from a "higher" perspecitive.
  • Petals of Life Publishing - A New Age of Publishing, offering books & publications designed to inspire, empower, lead, & entertain.
  • Good Works On Earth - A site from A to Z:  A = Ascension, B = Breathes, C = Compassion, ... W = Whales.  And more.
  • The Hologram Network - An Internet consulting company whose purpose is helping people create a place in cyber-space where they can promote their messages of wholeness.
  • New Frontier Magazine - A magazine of Transformation, containing articles on holistic health, ecology, paranormal, entertainment.  A great resource for spiritual & metaphysical ideas.
  • New World Creations - Web designerrney!  Galleries, free clip art, links, matted prints, virtual postcards, & webring memberships.

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    To read a discussion of Kriya Yoga as well as a description of the first Kriya technique,
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