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  • Self Improvement Newsletter - A linking service for self improvement sources.
  • Alexander Technique - Comprehensive guide to this century-old method of learning how to release harmful tension
  • Self Growth - An online self-improvement encyclopedia.
  • Boost Your Will Power - The powerful proven method to Boost Willpower. Hundreds of people have already enjoyed the comfort of Self-Empowerment, Fitness and Freedom.
  • Inspiration Line - A free weekly e-mail magazine for people seeking encouragement and fresh perspectives. Our intent is to inspire through motivational stories, humor and helpful tips on relationship skills and more.
  • Hand Actuated Mental Reconditioning - A site demonstrating a how to install positive thinking patterns into your brain at will.
  • Crown Jewels - This site offers gemstone related items and information, and an estensive links page to new age sites of many kinds.
  • Native Mind - Native Mind Self-Help Systems is a place to drop off all your cares and worries concerning things past and present and clear your mind of all that troubles you.
  • Holmes Bookstore & Self-Help Centre - A bookstore and workshop space which is currently used for bodywork, regression therapy and modified primal therapy.
  • Spirits Evolving - Provides intuitive consultations, publications, guidance, and resources for individuals and groups pursuing spiritual growth, personal awareness, and greater contentment.
  • Self Improvement Online - Self Improvement Online is the most complete guide to information about self improvement, personal growth and self help on the internet.
  • Golden Sun Enterprises - Offers healing services, psychic readings, hypnotherapy, workshops and classes which give techniques and concepts for healing and change.
  • Intervention Organization - A site supporting the work of Intervention to help addicts get clean and remain clean.

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