• In The Light - The title of my web site comes from a Led Zeppelin song off the Physical Grafitti album, and also refers to my interest in spirituality and my Lightworker friends.
  • EsoDates.com - This site lists a number of spiritual and yoga websites, and offers a large directory of sites to sample.
  • The Halls of Reiki - Site contains extensive information on Reiki, as well as many links to other Reiki, Alternative Therapies, Metaphysical, Spiritual and New Age sites.
  • Karma-Net - Online Courses and information dealing with Meditation, Mind/Body, Zen, Reiki, Japanese Culture, Homeopathy, Feng Shui,

  • Ayurveda and More. Home of the 3-minute Online Meditation Rooms!
  • Spirit Find - A networking source of spiritual information and groups.
  • Awakening Path - When was the last time you felt as free and innocent as a child? Deep within you is the source of all perfection, and you can touch that source once again. At last, you can realize the incredible nature of who you really are...
  • Angel Academy - A happy site devoted to angel lovers, the study of spirituality, and the attainment of enlightenment. The world is changing. Soon, everybody will be in direct communication with his or her angels and guides. Why not you? Why not now?
  • Spiritual Response Therapy - Experience profound healing through Spiritual Response Therapy! Discover the remarkable freedom from anxiety and stress.  At last, higher quality of life and relationships, risk free!
  • Diane Brandon, Intuitive Consultant and Author - Author of "Invisible Blueprints:  Insights of an Energy Reader"
  • Astrology Charts and Reports from Extonbiz - Gain insight into your life and relationships. We offer natal, compatibility and transit reports, as well as birth charts, numerology and tarot reports. Delivered within 24 hours via email.
  • Arca Vigraha - Fine quality hand carved Hindu and Buddhist deities.
  • The Aumara Light & Healing Circle - Enrich your life with spiritual healing and powerful healing crystals, join us in global healing and meditation, browse our inspiration gallery and teachings library, and much more for the seeker on the spiritual path
  • Godserver - A site with this purpose: "Each spiritual website is a pearl, a unique spark of spirituality. I seek these pearls and offer them to humanity.  Spreading God's Love and Light all over the Universe."
  • Claudia Psychic - Claudia offers accurate Psychic Readings, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Counseling and many forms of Alternative Healing for healing on all levels.
  • Pilgrims UK - Pilgrims is a Mind-Body-Spirit Superstore for books, audios, incense, tarot decks, healing crystals, etc., plus News, Reviews, free Message Board and New Age Link Directory.
  • Spiritual Endeavors - A nonprofit educational organization for the advancement of Spiritual, Holistic, and Environmental Awareness, dedicated to awakening Self-Knowledge.
  • Chalice Productions - Every cell in the human body, as well as each of the energy centers, is a chalice for the flow of divine forces.
  • SpiritsWay - presents a program that provides an individualized pathway to a total mind - body - spirit connection... to become connected with all available inner resources.
  • The Women'Spirit Collection - This site contains a collection of links to websites that we love including spirituality, healing and astrology sites, books, greeting cards, fractals and much more.
  • Spirit - This site has the stated mission to facilitate the shift that all of humanity is undertaking at this time to move into a state of total Oneness.
  • Awakening into Awareness - Reflections on realization, the nature of reality and the experience of being human.
  • Tranquillity Universe - A site inspiring spiritual evolution as an ongoing process of transformation, through which we learn the theory and practice of unconditional love.
  • Spokane Church of Religious Science - A site demonstrating the Living Spirit Almighty; one, indestructible, absolute, and self-existent Cause, manifesting itself in and through all creation.
  • The Treasure Chest - An exotic Secret Island hides the portal to a higher realm. Here you will find an amazing technolgy of transformation and enlightenment based on Star-wisdom.
  • The Shaking of Foundations - A site to challenge you to confront your "knee-jerk" and "other-imposed ideas and beliefs, to arrive at your own philosophy of the world & how it works.
  • Light Connections - A place where information can be shared, questions can be answered, understanding can be found, and connections between those on a spiritual pathway can be created.
  • Awakened Perceptions - Awakened insights and indepth readings by world renowned psychics  Lisa Long & Michael McAvoy... includes a special Visionary Art Gallery.
  • Yanao - Center of Light - Where there is Love, there is Peace. When there is peace, there is clarity of mind.  Reach into yourself, transcend your fears, and touch the Great Divine.
  • Earth Wisdom - A cooperative of light workers who Live so that those who know them, but do not know the Great Mystery, will want to know the Great Mystery.
  • Stepping Stones - Sit back, relax and enjoy your visit!  Read an enlightening experience, try some new age downloads, put in a request for healing & more.
  • Endeavor Academy - Dedicated to the imperative of the naturally revolutionary progressive return of man to his inherent universal mind.
  • Masters in the Making - A site of guidance, affirmations, humor, astrology, and a source of metaphysical and spiritual inspiration.
  • Drunvalo's Realm of Spirit - Welcome all infinite souls who have a desire to grow beyond what they were before and expand into the infinite possibilities of the Universe…into themselves.
  • Spiritual Development - Many are the paths to truth.  Concepts presented here are operational models intended to empower and enlighten, and are not necessarily truth.
  • Light on the Path - A site of angels and archangels. Revealing the unseen world around us through books, discussions and descriptions of encounters.
  • Life Now - A "House" with many rooms that reveal experiences of how to enjoy every moment to the fullest. May you these joys, too, as you travel through Life Now Centre.
  • Robert Rabbin - Robert Rabbin is an author, speaker, and leadership consultant who has spent 25 years exploring the nature of Self, mind, and reality through meditation and self-inquiry.
  • Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - Exciting pages of many nearly forgotten and lost wonders of Sacred Science.  Leading the way towards an Awakened Science and Individual.
  • Thoughtful Living - a website based on knowledge, meaning and the spiritual/metaphysical ramifications of the Near Death Experience.
  • Four Corners New Age Directory - A rich variety of southwestern cultures provide an equally rich variety of spiritual perspectives and metaphysical and esoteric thought.
  • Astrology 4 Free - This organizers of this site offer astrological readings, using trained analysis and intution.
  • Jai Maharaj - Vedic astrologer.

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