L o v e

        An essential purpose of embodiment is to feel.  The most meaningful feeling we can have relative to our self is joy… or bliss.  The most meaningful feeling we can have relative to another is love.

        The resonance of love drives the poet's pen.  It bursts forth as song from the breast of the lark, the nightingale and the sparrow, stunned by the exquisite return of the warm and lighted sun.  It is the force that puts the hum in life and makes the entire process of creation worth its effort.  This is what unites all life.

Love, Love, Love!

        This is the song of the Heart.

        The full Heart can no longer contain itself.  It spills over with ecstasy until it finds another.  Krishna must have Arjuna as much as Arjuna must have Krishna.  Completed love is always mutual.  It is the essence of our search, our quest and our path to any other being.  No relationship is complete until love is experienced mutually.

        There is a radiation through the physical condensation of matter, through the astral condensation of emotion, and through the mental condensation of imagination.  It penetrates all three bodies and is undeterred by what is there.  Its persistence and its purity dissolve form into Essence.  Sight and sound pass right through to God, waiting patiently behind the veil of our material perception. She breathes the love into us… and draws it back out.  The residue of our self is bliss.

        We breathe love in… and we breathe love out.  Love saturates the entire universe of duality.  It is the essence of the Divine Mother.  Bliss is the primordial essence issuing the holy sound, Om… interlacing the hearts of those in love.

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