"Consciousness is the unborn essence of the Whole Being God Is.  We can neither support it nor destroy it as a result of anything we think or do.  Consciousness is our very nature."


  "Meditation is the process of attentiveness that proceeds from directed participation to divine witnessing."
  Meditation is a conscious metaphor for life.  It is the foundation of the path to God and it is the path itself.  The path is the inexorable non-movement into the witnessing of the Self as God.  It is no less than this:
It is the Non-movement from the mundane into Devotion
It is the Non-movement from alienation into Love
It is the Non-movement from distraction into Wisdom
It is the Non-movement from stress into Joy
It is the Non-movement from chaos into Harmonic Vibration
It is the Non-movement from noise into Holy Sound
It is the Non-movement from matter into Divine Light

  "Yoga means union.  Meditation is that yogic processing which sets out to unite man with God.   It is  the letting in of the infinite into a finite dwelling place.   It  is  also the  expanding of a finite  awareness  into a boundlessness.  The purpose of this is to know our Self and to experience the same Joy God Is.
So begin there.
Enjoy your Self!
This is an essential meditative technique."
      When the master within us hears the inner cry of the one calling to be released from his self asserted path of confinement and suffering… when that cry for help is not just a plaintiff wail, but the deep, undeniable inner voice of God, willing that the truth manifest… and when this voice is the only voice that can be heard… He appears.  His face is the doorway to a kingdom not of this world, but a home of endless joy.  Maya, then, is seen as a dance.  The music played… the dervish whirled.  Utter silence ushers in the Sound, and then the Light.
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