Kriya  Yoga Retreats

India (2004)


April 4, 2004 : Chandigarh
April 7, 2004 : Mumbai
April 11, 2004 : Goa
April 16-17, 2004 : Bangalore

A Tour of Gratitude

  The purpose of this three-week tour is to honor India, and to offer my heart-felt thanks and appreciation.  India has kept alive the path of awakening through yoga for thousands and thousands of years.  She has been the "Keeper of the Secrets" of spiritual enlightenment.  To Her I give back her wonderful greeting...
"I honor the God within you."
Kriya  Yoga Retreats

conducted by Carl Schmidt

The following story was printed in the Chandigarh Times (4/6/04)

US yoga expert comes calling
Ruchika M. Khanna

His love for the Orient, especially the yogic science of meditation, has brought him here.  So while the majority of Indians are experimenting with new age therapies like reiki and pranic healing, Carl Schmidt is back from the US to organize yogic retreats for his friends and disciples here.

The yoga expert, from the US was in town for the past three days, and had organized his retreat at Panchkula yesterday.  “The idea behind the visit to India was not just to organize retreats for yoga enthusiasts, but also to visit the land that has kept the faith of yoga alive for thousands of years.  Yoga has stayed here through certain individuals and gurus, and I wanted to meet these people,” he says.

Carl Schmidt has not only mastered the art of yoga over the past three decades, but has also written a book — “A Recipe for Bliss, Kriya Yoga for a New Millennium”.  It has fetched him rave reviews all over America, as has the interactive website on yoga that he has created —  He organizes free retreats, classes over the weekend, where the techniques of pranayam and meditation are practiced and integrated with life to create an awakening of the inner self.  Besides online classes are also held.

His love for the Orient, especially India, is evident from the fact that his children have Indian names — son Jaia and daughter Lily Sita. He is in Chandigarh, on a request of a city-based yoga enthusiast, who wanted him to impart his knowledge of the ancient science to a select group of yoga lovers here.  He will leave for Mumbai tomorrow where the will organize sessions of yoga.  He will also organize sessions in Goa and Bangalore, during his stay three-week stay in India.  Carl Schmidt teaches yoga free of charge.

“I believe in yoga as a way of life.  For me, it is the practice of allowing the body to become reorganized and redistributed according to the original destination of cosmic prana.  I am here to spread this message to all, and not to make any financial gains,” he clarifies.

This former member of US Peace Corps is from the generation of the forceful 60’s (wrought with Vietnam war and the hippie culture), to have turned towards the East for solace.  “I taught Mathematics and Physics in the Peace Corps for two years, till I decided to stop by in Japan in 1970.  I was interested in Oriental religion, philosophy and spirituality, and learnt Zen Buddhism.  Coming to India was a natural progression in order to learn Yoga.  I came to India in 1972, and during my stay here, received yoga initiation from different teachers, as I traveled all over North India,” he recalls.

Most of the yoga he has learnt is through books and any other material available on the subject.  “I learnt bhakti yoga, hatha yoga, gyana yoga , karma yoga and kriya yoga.  I was eager to learn a technique so that I could begin meditation in a more specific and definite way.  After I learnt yoga, and realized its benefit, there was an inherent urge to teach the benefits to the world.  Over the years, I have acknowledged that everyone has different patterns of practicing yoga.  As a teacher, I have experienced a number of patterns being practiced by different people.  But I encourage this diversification, as Paramhansa Yogananda had himself professed that there are different paths up the mountain, but view from the top is the same.” — TNS

The retreats are always completely free of charge.
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Carl Schmidt hiking in the red rocks above Sedona (2002)


If wish to attend a future Kriya Yoga Retreat,
please have a look at the following web page to begin your preparation:

Preparing for
Kriya Yoga Retreat
        For anyone interested in attending a future retreat it is recommend (but it is not required) that you first join our online Kriya Yoga Class.  It is easy to join the class.  The class is completely free of charge. To join the class, begin by requesting the six chapters of the book:  A Recipe for Bliss, Kriya Yoga for a New Millennium. Just click on A Recipe for Bliss, and send the email message.   You will receive 6 chapters of the book within a day or two.  When you finish reading the chapters, if you feel inspired to join the class, you may request the first Kriya.  Then the class will be available to you.

       If you already practice Kriya Yoga and would like to enhance your practice, or if you would like to begin this ancient disciplined meditative practice, this is a great opportunity.  I recommend that you do whatever is necessary  to join us at one of these retreats.  If you must make a sacrifice of some kind in order to come, I urge you to do it.  In the end I am sure it will be worth your while.

        To practice Kriya, it is important to understand the process, but it is even more important to enter into it.  We will do both at future retreats.  We will investigate in depth to see just exactly what Kriya Yoga is, and how it works.  And we will enter into it energetically.  The Kriya Yogi is a spiritual athlete.  Kriya Yoga bridges the three "bodies" of our Self.  It bridges the Oversoul (our high self - our superconscious - God - Guru) to the Conscious (our "body" of thinking) through the Unconscious (our body of feeling – the vast, mostly uncharted, warehouse of our individual being).

        Pranayama is a primary technique of Kriya Yoga.  It serves to enliven and integrate our three bodies.  You will receive an initiation of eight distinct pranayams.  One of these integrates the Conscious with the Unconscious.  Five of them integrate the Oversoul with the Unconscious.  And two of them integrate the all three bodies together.  Pranayama energizes the centers of your body.  It becomes supercharged when your conscious mind fully understands and enters into this transformational process whole-heartedly.

        Kindness in all ways and things,
        Carl Schmidt



          To make the journey East, where the Star shines, deep within the blue pearl… where the master within resides… there is a highway with many lanes.  There is the lane of prayer and devotion.  In the East this is commonly called Bhakti Yoga.  There is the way of bodily purification called Hatha Yoga.  There is the way of knowledge called Jnana Yoga.  There is the way of balanced action called Karma Yoga.
          There is yet another lane of rare quality on the highway East, which leads with great precision to the unborn condition of original Being.  It is a "diamond" lane of exquisitely refined, inner action.  This way is known as:
Kriya Yoga

You are free to join us on this path!



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