Kriya  Yoga


Mumbai, India

April 8, 2004






Here are some pictures to commemorate the wonderful satsang held in Mumbai, April 7, 2004.


The following notes served as a preparation for this retreat.
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Preparing for
Kriya Yoga Retreat


Carl Schmidt hiking in the red rocks above Sedona (2002)



          To make the journey East, where the Star shines, deep within the blue pearl… where the master within resides… there is a highway with many lanes.  There is the lane of prayer and devotion.  In the East this is commonly called Bhakti Yoga.  There is the way of bodily purification called Hatha Yoga.  There is the way of knowledge called Jnana Yoga.  There is the way of balanced action called Karma Yoga.
          There is yet another lane of rare quality on the highway East, which leads with great precision to the unborn condition of original Being.  It is a "diamond" lane of exquisitely refined, inner action.  This way is known as:
Kriya Yoga

You are free to join us on this path!



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