Kriya  Yoga


Sedona, AZ  86336
March 26-28, 2004

conducted by Carl Schmidt


Here are some pictures to commemorate the wonderful retreat held in Sedona, March 26-28, 2004.

Carl hiking above Sedona, Arizona

The following notes served as a preparation for this retreat.
If you are interested in attending a future retreat, please reply to:

Preparing for
Kriya Yoga Retreat
       I would like to extend to you a very warm invitation to come join me for a future Kriya Yoga Retreat.  A schedule of these retreats has not yet been completed.  These retreats will be open to anyone who is enrolled in our online Kriya Yoga class.  It is easy to join the class.  The class is completely free of charge.  To join the class, begin by requesting the six chapters of the book:  A Recipe for Bliss, Kriya Yoga for a New Millennium. Just click on A Recipe for Bliss and send the email message.   You will receive 6 chapters of the book within a day or two.  When you finish reading the chapters, if you feel inspired to join the class, you may request the first Kriya.  Then the class will be available to you.

       If you already practice Kriya Yoga and would like to enhance your practice, or if you would like to begin this ancient disciplined meditative practice, a retreat is a great opportunity.  I recommend that you do whatever is necessary  to join us at one of these retreats.  If you must make a sacrifice of some kind in order to come, I urge you to do it.  In the end I am sure it will be worth your while.

        To practice Kriya, it is important to understand the process, but it is even more important to enter into it.  We will do both at this retreat.  We will investigate in depth to see just exactly what Kriya Yoga is, and how it works.  And we will enter into it energetically.  The Kriya Yogi is a spiritual athlete.  Kriya Yoga bridges the three "bodies" of our Self.  It bridges the Oversoul (our high self - our superconscious) to the Conscious (our "body" of thinking) through the Unconscious (our body of feeling – the vast, mostly uncharted, warehouse of our individual being).

        Pranayama is a primary technique of Kriya Yoga.  It serves to enliven and integrate our three bodies.  You will receive an initiation of eight distinct pranayams.  One of these integrates the Conscious with the Unconscious.  Five of them integrate the Oversoul with the Unconscious.  And two of them integrate the all three bodies together.  Pranayama energizes the centers of your body.  It becomes supercharged when your conscious mind fully understands and enters into this transformational process whole-heartedly.

         Kindness in all ways and things,
        Carl Schmidt

          To make the journey East, where the Star shines, deep within the blue pearl… where the master within resides… there is a highway with many lanes.  There is the lane of prayer and devotion.  In the East this is commonly called Bhakti Yoga.  There is the way of bodily purification called Hatha Yoga.  There is the way of knowledge called Jnana Yoga.  There is the way of balanced action called Karma Yoga.
          There is yet another lane of rare quality on the highway East, which leads with great precision to the unborn condition of original Being.  It is a "diamond" lane of exquisitely refined, inner action.  This way is known as:
Kriya Yoga

You are free to join us on this path!



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